Music Together® PROGRAM




Music Together is a nationally recognized early childhood music program that began as an educational project of the Center for Music and Young Children of Princeton, NJ in 1987.
The program is developed for children ages' birth to five years and is based on the premise that All children are musical and have the same ability to learn music as language. At Music Together we believe that music ability is as basic a life skill as walking or talking and that all children can learn how to sing in tune , move rhythmically to the music , and participate with pleasure and confidence in the music of their culture.
Music Together offers research-based, developmentally appropriate curriculum that allows children to participate at their own level. We nurture the child's natural enthusiasm for music and movement through dancing, moving to the music, singing and playing instruments in an informal setting. This rich, stimulating environment promotes musical growth and guides children towards a lifetime of musical enjoyment!

Through centers nationwide and overseas ( 17 other countries!), Music Together continues touching thousands of families by bringing music into the lives of young children and helping parents rediscover their own musicality.

For more information about Music Together please visit their national website Please check ARTICLES page for the latest research on Music Development of young children.